My practice started when I was 16 and I wanted a way to pay for my own. So I made myself a set up out of my home and offered my services to friends and family. I’v always had an interest in drawing and all things art. I may not have started off as a nail tech intentionally but I have been able to implement my love of drawing into my every day life. Once I hit the legal age of 18 I went straight to school to got my nail tech license. Since, I have been offering my personalized art skills for 4-years as a licensed nail tech professional. I am happily married to a beautiful women who is passionate about photography (@ImpulseDcinema) and together we share the joy of being parents to our crazy (she really is), gorgeous daughter Alice. I spend my downtime with my wife and daughter and traveling when ever we can.

Why nails?:

I actually started with nails by chance. In fact if it wasn't for my mother who pushed me into a talent I never saw I wouldn't even be here. This wasn't a life choice but more of an OPPORTUNITY, that I am now very grateful for. 

Do you like it? 

Regardless of where I maybe headed I really enjoy seeing my clients happy. ESPECIALLY when they are coming to me for a big day or even because we have great conversations. So yeah, I guess so!



LeibNailz LLC

Nail Tech

LeibNailz is an independent artist renting a space at Stash House AZ in Phoenix, Arizona.