Aprés| Soft Gel System

Aprés is a soak-able soft gel system that can easily be removed, similar to the way that gel polish is removed. This system works with pre-made tips that come shaped and lengthened. However, thanks to the curve placed in the tips these nails are made to last. It's a perfect service for those with curved nail beds as they feel lighter while looking more natural and thinner on the curved nail bed. They are designed for those with curved nail beds ONLY. Currently, Apérs is in the process of designing tips for those with flat nail beds, but until then I am unable to provide this service to anyone with a flat nail bed. Take a look at how this all works and make your way to book your Aprés service NOW!

OK... Let's Break it Down. 

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PREPPING the nail

As with any other nail service your nail bed is first prepped(cuticle work,shaping & buffing). Then a pH bonder is applied to dry out any oils while keeping the correct oil balance that a nail needs. Next, a primer is applied to ensure long lasting durability while also maintaing the nails ability to grow out strong and natural. 

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Since Après provides tips that are already shaped and lengthened all that's left is to apply the soakable soft gel to your nail and tips and cure them together. Instantly, you can see your shape and feel that lighter difference. After choosing your desired length if you choose to change that length, your nails need a quick buff and bam... before you know it's polish time.

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Lastly, the fun part of polish and design. Thanks to these wonderfully made clear tips, clear nail designs come out perfect with zero bubbles every time! Applying design options leaves no limitations though! Feel free to maintain your creativity with this service like any other service!